Four Critical Carpet Cleaning Tips For Home Cooks

If you cook a lot, a sticky film of grease may eventually settle onto your carpet and walls. You may not even notice the build up as it happens slowly, but if you leave a picture on the wall or a rug on the floor, eventually you will be able to see the differences between the exposed, oil-stained areas and the protected areas. Luckily, there are ways to keep your carpet clean without sidelining your cooking hobby. Here are five ideas to implement:

1. Reduce the grease in the air

To reduce the grease in the air, you can sacrifice the flavour of your food and cook with less oil or butter. In lieu of that, simply avoid cooking anything with an aggressively bubbling open-lidded pot of grease. Instead, use a deep fryer. That way, you can deep fry chips and other treats without coating your walls. Additionally, use a hood fan that vents to the outside – it will take grease with it.

2. Make a plan for oily spills

You don't necessarily need to splash oil directly on the floor to get an oily stain on the carpet. In most cases, if you accidentally drop a bowl of stir fried noodles or a bowl of buttery popcorn onto the floor, it will leave behind oily residue.

To clean it, put some dry cleaning solvent on a white rag. Pat the rag over the stain until the colour of the stain no longer appears to transfer to the towel. Remember to use a blotting motion rather than a scrubbing motion, as scrubbing may just grind the stain further into your carpet.  

3. Enjoy the grease-cutting power of dish soap

If you cannot remove an oily stain with dry solvent, make a cleaning solution out of a bit of dish soap. Dish soap naturally cuts through grease, making it perfect for this type of stain. As recommended above, continue to clean with a blotting rag and rinse your rag frequently. As an added bonus, a mixture of dish soap and water is a great solution for cleaning a wall.

4. Remember to rinse

After cleaning a stain with dish soap, dry solvent or any other cleaner, rinse the spot. Simply grab a new rag and a bowl of water, wet the rag and blot it over the spot. Continue this until you have no bubbles, lather or other evidence of cleaner. This practise ensures you have all of the soap out of the carpet. Rinsing is important because when soap is in a carpet, the flakes actually attract dirt, causing the spot to look dirtier than it was originally.

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