Services You Can Expect From A Commercial Office Cleaning Company

When you own a small business that you run out of an office, you may need to hire a commercial office cleaning company to ensure that your workplace is hygienic and looks its best when clients or customers pay you a visit. If you are investing in commercial cleaning services for the first time, here are the services available to you.

Window Cleaning -- A commercial cleaning company can offer you window cleaning services. One of the most important parts of an office is the windows, as dirty windows are unsightly from the outside and can significantly lower your company's kerb appeal. Professional window cleaning is not just washing down windows; it's also about getting rid of grease deposits, paint and other hardened debris that requires the use of scrapers. Commercial cleaners also use washing wands and specialized chemicals that get rid of hard water stains that form after rainfall. In addition, you can have a special film applied to your windows that reduces glare, brightness and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Janitorial Cleaning -- Many commercial office cleaners offer janitorial services, in which you contract for them to come weekly, bi-weekly or monthly to perform cleaning such as trash collection and recycling, stair and elevator cleaning, general dusting, bathroom cleaning and disinfecting, cleaning all blinds and drapes and wiping down your light fixtures.

Carpet/Floor Cleaning -- Floors are often overlooked when it comes to office cleaning. If you have carpet, a commercial cleaner has two main methods of cleaning your carpet: chemical dry cleaning and hot water extraction. Chemical dry uses a dry cleaning solution and a very small amount of water to clean and suction dirt from your carpet. Because it's quick drying, it's an ideal method for an office as it doesn't require a lot of wait time.

Hot water extraction is a process in which water is heated to a very high temperature, mixed with a detergent solution and ejected with high pressure into the fibres of your carpet, extracting dirt and debris and destroying bacteria and allergens. However, hot water extraction cleaning takes as long as 24 hours to dry, so it's best done on a weekend.

If you have wood or vinyl floors at your office, a commercial cleaner can strip and wax those floors to restore lustre and to protect the flooring surface against stains and general wear and tear. With wood floors, the process typically involves sanding the floor down and then buffing and polishing.

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