Carpet Cleaning | 3 Tips to Prepare for Professional Carpet Cleaning When You Have Pets at Home

Having a pet comes with a special satisfaction that only pet owners will experience. But while your pet is a vital part of your family, you have to be extra careful when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your home's carpets. This guide is designed to help you prepare for professional carpet cleaning when you have pets at home.

Inspect Every Area of Your Carpet to Identify Problem Spots

Before the professional carpet cleaners arrive, be sure to inspect every area to identify any problem spots on your carpet. These problem areas could arise because your pet tends to spend more time on certain parts of your carpet. For example, maybe your pet tends to urinate in a certain spot of the carpet or perhaps your pet tends to drool continuously over a particular area. After clearing your furniture from the carpeted area, examine the carpet closely and identify these spots to make the carpet cleaning task easier. While a carpet cleaning company will do their own assessment, your due diligence will speed up the process of cleaning. This could be vital when you're paying hourly rates to the carpet cleaning company.

Inform Your Carpet Cleaners That You Have Pets

Let the professionals know that you have pets before they arrive. This way your carpet cleaning company will come prepared with cleaning solutions to treat specific urine, faeces and other pet-related stains. Your carpet cleaning company will also be in a position to ask you certain questions about your carpet stains. Once the carpet cleaners have a deeper understanding of your carpet problems, they will be in a better position to recommend professional carpet treatment solutions. For example, your carpet cleaner may recommend hot water extraction to remove the stain and odour from pet urine. They may also recommend certain shampoo treatments to remove stains from faeces.

Keep Pets Away from Carpets While Cleaning

You may love your pet, but keep in mind that letting it run loose while the carpet cleaners are working will hamper their carpet cleaning efforts. You will need to prevent your pet from entering the cleaning area from the time of cleaning until the carpets are dry. You can either set your pet in another room of your home or you can keep it with your friends or neighbours for a short duration. This will allow the carpet cleaners to undertake the best possible cleaning job without anyone getting in the way. No matter where you place your pet, make sure it can access water and food.

These tips will help you better prepare for professional carpet cleaning when you have a pet at home.