A Builder's Clean Checklist to Go Over With a Potential Cleaning Company

A builder's clean is very different than any other type of cleaning, as new construction or renovation work often means more dust and other such debris, and certain things that need to be cleaned that you wouldn't see in other settings. This is why it's often good to have a builder's clean checklist to go over with any potential cleaning company, so you know they understand those details and are ready to get the job done right. Note a few things you don't want to overlook on this checklist when working with a potential cleaning company.

Cleaning doors

Most cleaning companies will wipe down fingerprints around a doorknob, but don't need to clean the tops and sides of doors on a regular basis. However, with a new construction or renovation project, a door will need to be wiped down front and back, as well as along the top and sides as it may hold a lot of construction dust and debris in these areas. The hinges of the door will also need to be cleaned as they too may have an excess of dust, oil that was added when the hinges were installed, and other such debris. 

Removing vents

Many cleaning companies will use a vacuum hose and brush to clean the outside of heating vents, but after any construction work, there is usually a lot of dust and debris inside those vents that needs to be removed. A builder's clean should include unscrewing the vents and then removing them completely, and vacuuming into the vent as far as a handle can reach. This will ensure that there is no construction debris that gets blown out of the vent the first time an occupant turns on the heat or air conditioning.

Cleaning blinds or shutters

Blinds and shutters don't usually need to be cleaned with every visit from a standard cleaning company, but they too are likely to hold dirt and debris after any construction or renovation project. They need to have all their slats cleaned properly as well as hinges for shutters. Wood shutters may need a special oil added after cleaning so they don't dry, and blinds need to be dried after washing so they don't show streaks and hold dirt. While fabric curtains may need dry cleaning if they were inadvertently left hanging during a renovation project, the curtain rods may need to be wiped down during a builder's clean.