Tips to Help Speed Up the Process of Moving House

So, you're moving out of your old home and don't know where to start? Moving is usually a very boring, mundane and long process. In fact, it's often so long that it can cause people to procrastinate its completion, making it even longer! Because of this potential feedback loop, it is important that you get it over as soon and as quickly as possible so you can put your old home on the market. But what are some ways you could possibly speed up this seemingly never-ending process?

Clean After Moving, Not Before

Are you getting too excited to sell your home and are finding yourself thoroughly cleaning before you've even moved out? You might just be procrastinating without realising it, a problem many movers suffer from. Whether you move your furniture yourself or hire professionals, you should always wear steel-capped boots when you lift heavy furniture; the no-shoes-inside rule doesn't count when moving! This alone will quickly mess up your floors, not to mention all the hidden dirt which has been building up under your furniture for years will be free to move all around your home. So, unless you particularly like cleaning, save it for when your home is empty.

Rent a Dolly or a Handcart

Even if you've convinced some unfortunate friends or family to help you move, renting or buying a dolly to ease the lifting is almost a must. By taking the weight off your legs and back, dollies and handcarts have the ability to multiply the amount of work you are capable of doing in a day by many times over. Also, by decreasing the stress of the situation when lifting heavy items, the chances of causing damage to your belongings or walls is greatly decreased.

Throw Out Everything You Can Part With

Have you ever wondered why hoarders never seem to move house? Chances are you're going to be throwing out A LOT of stuff. So unless you're prepared to hire a fleet of moving trucks, you're going to be throwing out furniture, appliances, book collections and general waste, which is going to require a bit more space than your usual bin can provide. Typically, with some exceptions, if you haven't used something in a year, you should get rid of it. Because of this, in most cases hiring a skip bin from a rubbish removal company is a good idea. Due to their popularity, many modern rubbish removal companies offer convenient drop-off and pick-up times, so you can save yourself from the rushed back-and-forth tip trips. Plus, throwing out things which you would otherwise keep will save you from wasting hours organising, packing and procrastinating, just to do it again next time you move.