How to properly time your carpet cleaning services

Carpeted floors are warm, comfortable, and durable options for the home. However, they need regular cleaning to remove dirt, debris, allergens, and stubborn stains. While you may vacuum your carpet from time to time, having it professionally cleaned is the best option.

Professional cleaners can vacuum, steam clean, or chemically clean your carpet to remove deep underlying stains. A professional clean also ensures that harmful elements are completely removed from your home. 

An important part of carpet cleaning is having the service done at the right time. But when is the best time to have your carpet cleaned? There are many different factors to consider, and this piece will explore some of the best times to seek out professional carpet cleaners.

1. After the rainy season

When it's wet outside, your carpeted floors are likely to accumulate mud, dirt, and other debris. This is even more likely if people enter your home with their shoes on. Instead of having the carpet cleaned every week when it's raining, schedule a thorough cleaning session at the end of the rainy season. This will help you save on multiple cleaning sessions while ending up with a clean carpet during the summer.

2. When the snow has thawed

Another useful time to schedule carpet cleaning is in the middle of spring, after all snow has thawed. When snow begins to thaw, you can expect lots of mud and dirt to enter your home. This dirt will accumulate on your carpet and cause stubborn stains that are tough to remove.

Professional carpet cleaning services will come in handy to remove such stubborn stains after all moisture has dried up outside.

3. When the kids go back to school

It can be a hassle to clean your carpets when kids are on holiday. Remember that you need time for the carpet to be steamed, chemically cleaned, and dried (in fact, your carpet may take a few days to fully dry).

Kids being around the home can re-stain your freshly cleaned carpet or expose themselves to harmful chemicals. Therefore, schedule carpet cleaning when your children are back in school to avoid such issues.

4. During off-peak periods

If you're looking to save money, you can schedule for carpet cleaning when other homeowners aren't in need of the service. Off-peak periods typically occur during winter or in the middle of rainy seasons. At these times, professional cleaners are less busy and you can find great deals. However, make sure you keep the carpet from being stained after the cleaning process.