Why Get Onsite Quotes From Deceased Estate Cleaning Companies?

While deceased estate cleaning companies are often happy to quote over the phone, you can also ask them to come and look at the property first. While this adds a little time to the process, an onsite visit has its benefits. What are they?

Get a More Accurate Quote

While you can explain the scope of the job to a cleaning company, you might not be able to explain exactly what the property holds. You might forget to mention large items, cluttered rooms and outbuildings that also need emptying.

So, a phone quote might not factor in all the work the company needs to do. They might overquote for a simple job, say by charging you for the day when the job will only take half a day. Or, they might underquote you for a job that is bigger than they anticipated from your description.

If you arrange a site visit, then the company sees exactly what need to be done. They can give you a more accurate price. You also get an accurate timescale for the job, which is useful if you're in a rush to clear the property.

Find Out About Extra Services

Deceased estate cleaning services often offer more than just property clearances. For example, some companies clean the insides of homes. Some also do outdoor work — they might pressure-wash and tidy up outdoor paving, yards and gardens.

You might not realise what's on offer here. If you get a company to come out and quote, then they can tell you exactly how they can help. For example, if a clearance company can clear an overgrown garden and then mow and weed it, then this is one less job for you. You can have the job done at the same time as the house clearance, and you won't have to hire a separate gardening contractor.

See if You Can Sell Anything

While you might have earmarked some items from the house to keep, you might not expect to get any money for the rest of the contents. If your main aim is to clear the property as fast as you can, then you won't have time to sell stuff.

Some deceased estate cleaning services buy certain items from their customers. If a company gives you an onsite quote, then they can take a good look around and tell you if they would be willing to buy anything in the property. While this isn't the best way to sell valuable items like antiques, it can make you some useful extra cash for things you wouldn't otherwise keep or sell. You can use this money to offset your clearance costs.

To get started, contact local deceased estate cleaning companies and ask them to give you an in-person quote.