Top Reasons to Clean Carpets in Autumn

Is there a right time to clean your carpet? For most homeowners, the right time to clean a carpet is when it is dirty. While it makes sense, you should remember that carpets host numerous allergens not visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it is crucial to have a carpet-cleaning schedule, which starts with choosing the right time of the year for the task. Autumn is the perfect time of the year to take your carpet to a professional cleaner. Here are the reasons why:

Carpets Dry Quickly 

Challenges such as poor air quality, discomfort and unusable spaces are common with carpets that take longer than necessary to dry. Although most professional cleaning services remove as much moisture as possible from rags, a carpet might still need additional time to dry completely. You might think that summer is the best time to clean your carpets because of the sunlight; however, severe indoor humidity can hamper proper drying. You do not have to worry about high humidity in Autumn; hence, you can open all windows to let the fresh air aerate and dry a moist carpet. Besides, it reduces the risk of mildew growing on your carpet.

Kids Go Back to School 

Term one school holidays typically begin in early April and end in mid-April. Coincidentally, it is the period when autumn sets in Australia. Of course, cleaning a carpet when the kids are around for the first term school holidays is ill-advised since it will get dirty quickly. However, you can schedule to have your carpet cleaned when kids go back to school. For instance, when school resumes in mid-April, you have enough time to clean the mess created by the kids on holiday. Furthermore, professional carpet cleaners need enough space to work on your carpet, and Autumn presents the perfect time since children are away at school.

Best Time for Deep Cleaning 

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors since the heat and humidity can make the indoors pretty uncomfortable. With the outdoor trend gaining traction among Australians, most people hold parties and staycations in their homes. Unfortunately, the activities expose your carpets to spills, stains, dirt and debris, which sink deep inside the fibres throughout the summer season. Notably, deep carpet cleaning is extensive and costs more compared to other cleaning methods. Therefore, getting your carpet deep cleaned in Autumn is more cost-effective since service providers remove all the dirt, grime, stains and odour from summer activities.

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